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Our Values

We create the working environment based on Christian values which we applied it into our daily lives both personal and professionally

Grow Together As a Team

Humans are social creatures who can’t ever live alone, and that’s all the same in term of work. To work in a team it is just like we work and grow for the good and progress together.

Love And Respect To Others

Differences exist to complete the deficiencies. Stella Maris believes that the existence of differences in company make all be diverse and alive. We learn to love and respect each other above all the differences.

Hard Work And Strive For Excellence

To be excellent in the middle of tight competition nowadays, it requires hard work and positive attitude to stay focus on the right path. Stella Maris embed all the staff to have enthusiasm and sincere heart to put in working so that we can achieve optimal results.

Honesty And Open Communication

Honesty begins with an open attitude from one to another party. Stella Maris believes that the honesty and open communication will bring trust.

Balance Between Professional And Spiritual Live

We believe that everything in this world must be balance between personal, work life and spiritual life. Stella Maris is concern about the balance between work and spiritual life in all staff/teachers even all the Board of Directors incorporated in it. Various spiritual activities are regularly held both weekly and monthly such as Spirituality, Bible Study, Sarasehan, and so on.

We Are Here To Help Others

As a Christian values-based company, we are ready to help those who needs and also be a blessing to people around us.

Latest News

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Sukacita Bersama Dengan Opa-Oma Merayakan PaskahApril 21 2017

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