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Our Values

We create the working environment based on Christian values which we applied it into our daily lives both personal and professionally

About Franchise

Our Franchise


Stella Maris believes that everyone is unique and creative, therefore we collaborate one idea with another as well as each capability to create something wonderful.


It requires hard work and positive attitude to stay focus on the right path to be excellence. Stella Maris believes that excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude and habit.


Differences exist to complete the deficiencies. Stella Maris believes that the existence of differences in company make all be diverse and alive. We learn to love and respect each other above all the differences.

Faith in God

Stella Maris believes that everything happened for reasons, thus we need trust and have faith in God as it's to guide us in every single step we are going through.


Being innovative doesn't always mean creating something new. It can be managing what has already exist and working on in different way to achieve better result. Stella Maris believes that innovation is a key to be success.


Stella Maris believes that integrity is the heart of the character. We speak and act with the truth and a knowledge of what is right and wrong.

Latest News

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