CSR 2015 - Contributing in Enhancing Nation's Education

Welcoming the 20th Anniversary of Stella Maris that came up with a main theme of “Give Thanks To The Lord for He is Good. His Love Endures Forever”, Stella Maris held various activities such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) held on Friday, 17th April, 2015, Holy Mass, Fun Walk, Gala Dinner with a peak of the event Pilgrimage Trip in and out of the country for all SMIE employees which will be held on June 2015.

As an institution that works on the education field, Stella Maris keep the commitment to always contribute to society especially in educating and developing people. CSR 2015 that was held in Sekolah Kesuma Bangsa Tangerang aimed to enhance the quality of education by giving away training and sharing knowledge to principle and teachers, sharing experience of joyful learning to students and also repair and provide facilities to support the learning process in there. Stella Maris’ CSR activity was supported by some parties such as Asia One, Penerbit Erlangga, RS Bethsaida, Panorama, Kanisius and Tiga Serangkai.

When the students was given the joyful learning method by Team Stella Maris, the principal and teachers of Sekolah Kesuma Bangsa also given the training led by Mr. Titut Sutiyoso as Head of National School of Stella Maris BSD with a theme “How To Change”. The objection is to encourage all the educators to be agents of change where to become a school that advance in education they should dare to change mindset and sharpen creativity in its limitations, in facility for instance. He also share some tips of how to manage education process from vision-mission until the evaluation. It was also have a group counselling sessions.

On the same day all the students of Sekolah Kesuma Bangsa Tangerang, a number of 62 students were brought to do small excursion activity lead by Team Stella Maris. First they went to Erlangga Publisher Office who had prepared various activities such as Finger Printing and Art Collage from seeds. Beside that Team Stella Maris also gave a motivation coach for Grade 4 to 6 students to Dare to Dream and Step Forward to Dream which presented by Mr. Andi Iwan. After that it continued with education visit to Domino’s Pizza to learn how to make a pizza and visit to Bethsaida Hospital to learn to be young doctors.

All the training and learning activities were ended with lunch together with all the committee of Stella Maris, teachers, principals, and also students of Sekolah Kesuma Bangsa Tangerang at Rumah Makan Bebek Kaleyo, BSD. There were so joyful and the enthusiasm of students who shared their one day experience to their teachers. After one full day activities of students, teachers and principals outside the school area, now time to go back to their beloved school and they were welcome with a new look of their school. While they were all doing activities outside the school area, Team Stella Maris did a “Bedah Sekolah” program by doing some repairment and adding some school facilities such as sport tools, school desks and chair, books and library shelves, computer and many more in hope that it can encourage teachers and students there in the learning process in Sekolah Kesuma Bangsa Tangerang, also in preparing nation’s generation that is global.

Stella Maris International Education, a school which confronted a Platinum Generations Program. A building and developing program for children to be smart, entrepreneur and global; which prepare a qualified generations which are creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Children are embedding with character and potential talent since early childhood as the main asset to reach their goals in the future. By this program we hope that we can contribute more in enhancing the quality of nation’s education without any boundaries.