About Us

Stella Maris School was simply an idea of a 52 years old woman who released her late husband’s dream. Before her husband passed away, they had a dream to build and provide a home for orphans. On July 16th, 1985 Drg. Strela and her husband (Lukman) founded Yayasan Kasih Abadi which focused on humanity concerns; and Padang Gembala Orphanage (Panti Asuhan Padang Gembala) is one of its manifestations. They then had a new dream to open a school for their “children” so that  they were able to study and seek knowledge for their own future. This school was not just a common school, they wanted to open a school with a considerable quality of education. And with a bless from God on May 15th, 1995 their dream came true when his wife, Drg. Strela had officially founded Stella Maris School which by that time was only consisted of Playgroup, Kindergarten & Elemantary level.

Stella Maris School was located in a shop-house Sector XIV, BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai), Tangerang. As the first time the school was opened, the response from the neighborhood was beyond our expactation. Many parents came joined in and finally trusted their children to study in Stella Maris School. Two years later, Stella Maris School decided to establish another Preschool and Kindergarten level in Gading Serpong. As the time goes on and by the positive response from parents and community surround, Stella Maris School had opened Junior High Level. Every year since, the number of students was increasing as well. And to give the best service quality for students and parents, Stella Maris School came up with new better building and facilities by the new academic year of 2000/2001 which located at Artha Kencana Street, Kav.C1, Sector XII, BSD. By the grace of God, Stella Maris School has significant and stable growth, a year later in 2001 a Senior High Level has been added into Stella Maris School Curriculum Program. 10 years after its establishment, Stella Maris School has reached 1.550 students and served by more than 200 professional teachers and staff.

By the year of 2004, the ISO 9001-2000 Certificate for Quality Management System was awarded to Stella Maris School for its best education system. As an education institution, we are here to answer all the question mark of best education for Indonesia to face global challenges. And in the coming years, Stella Maris School has been respond to the global standards of education by established an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and it has been launched by the year of 2005. IB Diploma Programme is a two –year educational programme (ages 16-19) that provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and it’s recognised by the universities worldwide. And it’s named Stella Maris International School, located in Vatican Cluster, sector 8 A, Gading Serpong.

Stella Maris International School growth so fast and have improved so many things year by year. And in 2007, Stella Maris International School had finally opened all international levels from Preschool, Primary, Secondary Junior & IB Diploma within the Entrepreneurship Program following in both campus BSD & Gading Serpong. The Entrepreneurship Program itself started from Preschool /Kindergarten to IB Diploma/Senior High School. This program is taken as one of the additional curriculum which develop students’ entrepreneur skills since early ages. Entrepreneurship itself is not only talking about teaching student to sell a product or getting the money, but more to develop the character of an entrepreneur that is confident, brave, responsible, creative and be able to find solutions in any situations. This character building also become one of our concerns to prepare a better generations that is ready for global challenge. And, here we are..

Stella Maris School, School of Future Entrepreneurs!