Director's Message

Praise to the Lord Jesus because only by His grace we can stand to where we are now. Various storms and waves come to us just because His allowance, but those things make us stronger just like an eagle which fly high into the storm. The eagle has that capacity to fly when it got into the storm, it stretches its wings and the storm makes the eagle fly higher than the storm itself.

Stella Maris’ vision is ‘To be the best school in Indonesia that prepares high quality of graduates based on Christian values’ has always been embedded in every single individual in Stella Maris in hope that it will rooted, grow and even bear fruits so that we believe that the vision can be achieved. Keep on giving impact and improving; we always do as our work culture in Stella Maris. And so that our goal as an education institution which to advancing the education of the nation can be accomplished.

“Stema Goes to 2025” has become our goal in the future that has school uniqueness which is a school that develop Holistic Education (Character, Caring, Life Skill, Financial Knowledge, Entrepreneurship) with innovative curriculum based on technology that  produce successful Future Entrepreneur based on Christian values so that we could achieve our big goals as STEMApreneur™, SMART School™ and STEMA Creator™.

STEMApreneur™ is that every single individual in Stella Maris have desire, willingness, and action to be an entrepreneur. For SMART School™ is every individual in Stella Maris which is teacher, staff, management even BOD not only become hard workers but also smart workers as it based on the rules. And for STEMA Creator™ is Stella Maris dares to work so that it can give impact in education.

Our hope in future is, let us together with school, all parents and students holding hands, pray and walk together to achieve our goals and so that Stella Maris can be a blessing for other people. Thank you, God bless you abundantly

Ir. Michel Senjaya

Director of Stella Maris International Education