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STELLA MARIAN - Love of Children is a calling

07 Feb 2018

Everyone has their own reason to be a teacher. There’s people who want to be a teacher because they love children,  there is people want to be a teacher because they want to improving their own skill and the another said that being a teacher is like him/ her passion. And there’s so many reason out there for everyone who want to be a teacher.  Being a teacher is not that easy like what everyone’s think. We need to be not just teacher for our students but we need to understand our students like we are their parents. We have to understand about our student’s feeling. Because without know and understand them, student will not feel comfortable.

We need to preparing ourselves so that we can give our best to teach students. To be a better teacher, we still need to learn and always learn. It is important to improves the skill.

A dedication and loves to his or her students are two things that every teacher’s must have to made them such a caring, kind and great teacher for their students. Miss Sapta (Stella Maris’s teacher) said that being a teacher is good opportunity because she could work with her passion and help to improve their students skills. She said that teacher is a great job.

Miss Sapta Kurniati Sri Utami is one of Stella Maris Gading Serpong’s teacher. It is almost 6 years that she could remembered when she started to loves her job as a teacher.

Miss Sapta told us about her life experiences, how she could became a teacher, how she really loves her job and how grateful she can work as a teacher. She said that being a teacher changed her life a lot and made her life became colorful.

Miss Sapta told us about how fun it to be a Grade 1 Primary’s teacher at Stella Maris Gading Serpong. There’s so many unique and fun moments. In grade one, students are growing from Preschool to Primary, so theres a big challenge to their teacher to teach them right. She said , “This is an important stages to see them grow up and we have a big responsibility to teach them. Their parents gave us a trust so we need to give our best to make their children grow into a better person in the future.”

For an example is how to make students respect what their parents did. Miss Sapta said that her students have to eat their lunch till finish. “I always said that they are lucky compared to everyone’s out there who is hardly to get a better food. You must be feel grateful because your parents love you, they gave you a delicious food everyday,” said Miss Sapta.

We should teach them to always be thankful about every moment of life. Because they still very young, we need to teach them with a simple words so that they could easily remembered. When they understand and started to practice what we taught to them, it means that we already success to be a great teacher. Miss Sapta said, “I always wants my students to be a better person in the future,  everything that I’ve done to them just to make them grow not just have a great skill or  a great scores in their subjects, but how to make them have a good manners too. That’s why I always feel proud and grateful being a teacher.”

“I hope that Stella Maris can gave more challenge in the future and can make their students dreams come true. With a good manners, students can be a better person who have a courage to improve and show their skills. May God always be with them”, said Miss Sapta.