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The Apple Doesn't Fall From the Tree

14 Mar 2018

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, a proverb suitable for a man who is familiarly called Mr.Daru. With his friendliness and personality in the world of education make everyday be comfortable and very enjoy the duties and responsibilities that are ingrained in him.
When asked why he could choose to become a teacher, it was because the figure of a mother who inspired himself. He was an unsung hero in Semarang, because the wishes of Mr.Daru follow the footsteps of the mother. After graduating from school, he chose to work in the educational world since 2005 and in early 2002 studying in Satya Wacana Salatiga area, for college in English education and taking master degree in Master of Biology.

The love of children makes he feel that part of he life is already there and fully for children. Of course there is a pride of its own created, when the students see grow and become successful, let alone still know himself. There is a satisfaction of his own, because what he cultivated and teach to his students achieved in accordance with expectations. Sincerity and singing children like our own children is a provision of Mr.Daru in the teaching he gave.

Born in Semarang, and 12 years as a blessing in the dedication of being a teacher, as well as a Vice Principal in the curriculum at Stella Maris Gading Serpong, made himself enjoy it all, because it already felt the responsibility and had previously held the curriculum section and had become a principal at school in Salatiga and Manado, so that he feels part of what he should give as best and maximum as possible.

Far from families and children, it is certainly not easy for a father figure who has the full name Prasetyandaru Pirenantyo. Because of the great longing, which he always felt with his beloved wife and children, as he always felt every day. Every two weeks, Mr. Daru always took the time to go home in Salatiga. The warmth in the family brings the greatest longing in him

Asked about Go Green, what is Mr Daru thinking? He answers the importance of preserving nature, because it will have a major impact on our future grandchildren, we can start from small things like throwing garbage in place and separating out recyclable waste, which is not. This is what Mr.Daru does at home, because for him, that if we do small things and start with the people closest to us, then the impact will be embedded and directly we are also aware and can share the experience with other people, about the importance of maintaining the environment.
Like tissue that we use every day, tissue is a material that can not be recycled, so if we continue to wasteful tissue and do not think about the impact, it will cause bad things for the ecosystem of the earth and its impact to our children and grandchildren who enjoy it later . Love the earth, by doing things and care about the environment.

Message from Mr.Daru for his children, that do not be discouraged, reach your dream and keep fighting in the face of adversity with God.