Stella Maris School offers a profitable business venturing the education market in Indonesia supported by standard level of education from Preschool to IB Diploma either by using national and international curriculum

Human Resource Module

Human Resource’s Module designed for franchisee to facilitate them in managing human resources such as: Employee Recruitment, Employee Mutation, Employee Awards, Employee Penalties, and Performance Appraisal with measurable performance so that with the proper management of human resource it will make good results.

Training & Development Module

Training & Development’s Module designed for franchisee in order to improve the quality of employee in both Planning and Implementation of Training which aim to improve the performance of employees that will bring good impact to the school.

Corporate Identity Module

Corporate Identity’s Module designed for franchisee to know future planning of the institution that implemented in Stella Maris’ vision, mission, values and beliefs which become a strong foundation in development with commitment to quality of targets based on Christian values.

Finance System Module

Finance System’s Module designed for franchisee in supervising financial management of school in various processes such as: Payment Systems, Financial Planning & Monitoring, Funding Requests, and other Financial Reports so that it can be easy to implement in a term of financial management.

Consultancy Services Module

Consultancy Services’ Module designed to facilitate communication and consultation between franchisee and headquarter so that the information needed be able to run properly.

Regulatory Information Module

Regulatory Information’s Module is designed to facilitate franchisee in making administration regulation as one of the aims to ensure that all the documents accepted and used is official and valid, so that every process made in franchisee will work well and proper.

Franchise-School Support Module

Franchise-School Support’s Module designed for franchisee in monitoring implementation consist of control process and removal goods, loan stuff, scheduling the use of facility and equipment, acceptance and expenditures, data collection and assets monitoring to facilitate franchisee in the implementation of operational processes.

Marketing Support Module

Marketing Support’s Module designed for franchisee in managing Marketing Plan, Marketing Tools, Media Promotion Standard, School Promotion, and/or Student Admission so that all the planning, implementation and evaluation strategy can be done well.

Curriculum Support Module

Curriculum Support’s Module designed for franchisee in the management of academic activity such as Lesson Plan, Activity Observation both intra and extra-curricular, and Examination Organizer.