1st Building of Stella Maris

Year 1995

Stella Maris first established on 15th May, 1995 located in Sektor XIV, BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai). A school which built in 2 shop-houses had a total number of 200 students with 10 teachers with only 2 levels of education such as Preschool/Kindergarten and Elementary School.

Stella Maris 1st Preschool Branch at Gading Serpong

Year 1997

Having a positive response from the society, Stella Maris decided to establish another Preschool and Kindergarten that located in Gading Serpong.

Stella Maris School Sector XIV, BSD

Year 1999

Within 4 years of its establishment Stella Maris been growing so fast and came up with 8 shop-houses with an addition of education level of Junior High and 550 teachers.

Year 2000

Along with the rapid development and the increasing number of the entrusted students in Stella Maris, and to give the best service for them we came up with a new better building and more comprehensive facilities located in Artha Kencana Street, Kav.C1, sector XII, BSD which then named Bukit Sion Campus. And at the same year of its new building, a Senior High level was added into Stella Maris Curriculum Program.

Stella Maris School Sector XII, BSD

Year 2004

By the year of 2004, the ISO 9001-2000 Certificate for Quality Management System was awarded to Stella Maris for its best education system. Having received this reward, Stella Maris is more encouraged to give the best for the nation’s education.

Certification ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System

Year 2005

As an education institution, the existence of Stella Maris is to respond to the need for the best education for the future generations to face global challenges. And therefore, Stella Maris adopted the International Baccalaureate (IB)Diploma Programme which then was first launched in Omega Building, Bukit Sion Campus, BSD known as Stella Maris International School.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Muri Award

Year 2006

By the ISO 9001-2000 awarded to Stella Maris in 2004, we again are awarded by MURI as The First School in Indonesia using ISO Certification.

Stella Maris International School Gading Serpong

Year 2007

Two years of establishment of IB Diploma Programme in 2005, Stella Maris International School built a new building located in Vatican Cluster, sector 8A, Gading Serpong which named then Vatican Campus. And in the same year other level such as Preschool, Primary and Secondary were opened with the adoption of the Montessori Method and Cambridge Curriculum.

Stella Maris International School PIK

Year 2009

By the great desire to take part in education for the nation, Stella Maris came up with an idea to develop the education, both national and international curriculum, throughout Indonesia. Stella Maris together with the investors who have the same vision and mission in education had finally opened the 1st Franchise Branch using international curriculum for Preschool level at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). At the same year Stella Maris were awarded by MURI Breaking Records for “The Biggest FU Chinese Character” and “The Most Variety Activation Medicine”.

Year 2010

By the consistency in education field, Stella Maris was given award “Best Franchise Category Education Business 2010”. At the same year Stella Maris launched “Platinum Triangle Program”, and again awarded by MURI Breaking Records of “The Most Flute-Making”.

Launching of Platinum Triangle Program

Year 2011

Succeeded on the inauguration of first franchise branch in PIK, the second franchise branch which using national curriculum with the education level of Preschool/Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary was officially opened in Jambi. At the same year Stella Maris has received an award of “The Best Education of The Year” by ASEAN Business Award.

Stella Maris International School Jambi

Year 2014

To support all activities both academic and non-academic (management), Stella Maris launched a new facility which is Getsemani Auditorium located in Stella Maris International School, Gading Serpong.

Auditorium Getsemani Building

Auditorium & Preschool New Building

Year 2015

One year after its first launch of Getsemani Auditorium in Vatican Campus, SMIE then launch a new facility of Preschool New Building and Auditorium in Bukit Sion Campus located in Stella Maris School, BSD.