Franchise Greeting

Why do you have to join up with us?

  1. One of a stable business even during monetary crisis.
  2. Excellent education is highly demanded & appreciated by parents nowadays.
  3. Parents realize that during childhood until teenager is very important moment to build strong relationship with their children.
  4. Price is always increasing.

We are looking for the right person to be our partner who has land asset/building with specification:

  • Land or building minimal 600m square
  • Free Flood Area
  • Parking Lot Area
  • Strategic Location
  • Easy access / located in main road

If you have the specification above, interested in educational and willing to be the owner of one of Stella Maris School Franchise with the same vision and mission with us, please let us know. For further information, contact us at:

Phone  : 0821 1372 9089 (Monika N,)

Email   :