Fun Walk 2015 - Road to 20th Anniversary of Stella Maris

Stepping on the age of 20, Stella Maris International Education held variety of events such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Holy Mass, Gala Dinner, and with a peak of event which is a Pilgrimage Trip for SMIE employee that will be held on June 2015. One of the various events of all is a fun walk that involving all the parents, students, teachers, staff and communities around within the number of participants reached up to 1000 people. The activity held named Fun Walk became one form of gratitude for Stella Maris in these 20 years in the education field and had came up with a theme “Give Thank To The Lord for He Is Good. His Love Endures Forever”. Its held on Saturday, 9th May, 2015 with a Start/Finish line located at The Breeze, BSD City by the distance of 4 Km.

The Fun Walk we held is aimed to established an atmosphere of togetherness and familiarity among Stella Maris International Education’s big family; besides, it’s also embedded the importance of healthy lifestyle by doing sport. This also a beginning step to build a qualified nation’s generation with a healthy body and soul.

It started at 6 a.m in the morning, all the participants be ready and gathered together for registration and t-shirt distribution, while MC opening the event to announce the whole event. It continued with a speech from Director of Stella Maris International Education (Mr. Michel Senjaya) before the fun walk began. He said that this event is one of the celebrations of gratitude of these 20 years for Stella Maris to be in the education field. Therefore, he invite all the participants together with family and friends to walk together hand in hand, which is the same like Stella Maris have been running for 20 years contributing to society. After that, all the participants were led by yoga intstructor of Stella Maris BSD to do the warming up.

Minutes before the event started, Founder and Director of Stella Maris International Education (Drg. Strela Senjaya dan Mr. Michel Senjaya) released balloons which have been signed by all the leaders in Stella Maris as a symbol of the event started. And all the participants started to walk led by track officials.

After walk, participants were welcome by the MC. It was continued with students performances such as band performance, modern dance, singing and dancing, drum  band, and enlivened by accoustic band. Not only that, it was also enlivened with 20 Big Doorprizes and 1 unit of Motorcycle as the Grand Prize.

The event held was running well and succeed. That could be seen by the positive enthusiasm of the participants and interview. They said the event was very good, it could strengthen family relationship among Stella Maris’ big family and to increase the familiarity of fellow members as well as to establish communication between each other.

Stella Maris International Education, a school that promotes a Platinum Generations Program. A building and developing program for children to be smart, entrepreneur and global; prepare a qualified generation which creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Children are prepared with characters, potential talent and also skills that became an asset to reach their dreams. By helding this kind of activity we hope that we could contribute more in increasing nation’s education in every aspect without boundaries.